Our Project Night tonight was super productive.

First we had a whole-group discussion with some great ideas for blitzing. Here’s the white board:


Then we broke into smaller groups and the blitz team┬áset up the itinerary for our Feb 23, 2014, Lake Merritt Bioblitz, and we made some awesome new connections, like to David of, who wants to bring a herd of ROVs to the lake for underwater surveying and to let random people drive them around. How friggin’ cool is that?

Plus we’re working on plans for an outreach table, mud sampling, Bioblitz Bingo.

Fasten seat belts!

Here’s a Google Doc with specific meeting outcomes. And a screenshot of the key bit (yes, I’m too lazy to reformat…):


Are you a blitz planner? Want to edit or comment on that doc? Join the NFN-Bioblitz Google Group!

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